Snow Property Services has been serving Arizona homeowners and their communities since 2001. We credit our lasting success to quality service, detailed communication, and working with great homeowners. We have layers of talent to serve each and every community.  

Dustin Snow

Dustin Snow, and his wife Shari Snow are owners of Snow Property Services. Since 2001 Dustin has created strong partnerships with numerous associations. These HOA's and their board of directors have had major success in the management and care of their communities. 

Rick Abbott
General Manager

Rick Abbott is the General Manger for SPS, but also has a portfolio as a community manager. Rick has been with the Snow family since 2010. Rick has 15 years of HOA experience including serving on the Board of Directors as a member of the community he resides in. 

Mary Chaira
Community Manager

Mary Chaira is a Portfolio Community Manager. Mary has been a HOA guru for over a decade. She has been dedicated to SPS since 2009. Mary goes above and beyond to serve her communities as she also plans and hosts events. These Events bring a community together to become involved and educated in their association. She is originally from Wisconsin, and has been an Arizona resident for 32 years.   

Raeann Van Hee
Community Manager

Raeann is a Portfolio Community Manager and joined Snow Property Services in 2014.  She has worked in Arizona, in the Real Estate industry for the last 30 years.  Raeann enjoys increasing her Real Estate knowledge to better aide her board members and communities.   

Kim Porter
Executive Assistant 

Kim Porter is Dustin Snow's Executive Assistant. She has been part of the Snow family since 2014. Kim is a strong believer in the power of kind, and positive thinking.  As a result, she diligently strives to make each experience and interaction with Board Members, residents, and contractors an uplifting and positive experience. 

Sheri Shepherd 
Executive Assistant 

Sheri is Rick Abbott’s Executive Assistant. Sheri has 34 years of experience in customer service, and 14 years in financial banking. She has been part of the Snow family since 2017. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Andi Chaira 
Executive Assistant

Andi is the Executive Assistant to Mary Chaira. She's been part of the Snow family since 2012. In her free time, Andi enjoys weight lifting and nature photography.

Terran Burhyte
Executive Assistant

Terran is the Executive Assistant for Community Manger Raeann.  She joined the Snow Property Services team in 2018. Property Management as been Terran's passion for 20 years.

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